Remembering Jamie Today

The family of Jamie remembers him on this day, the anniversary of his death on January 25, 2010. Jamie left us with memories we hold in our hearts and a creative legacy we can enjoy into the future. We are proud of who he was and only wish he were still with us. Please take a moment today to remember Jamie.

The James Kirk Bernard Foundation wishes to carry forward the spirit of Jamie. The creative legacy website POBA is thriving, with the work of new artists added each month and an expanding suite of services. The Foundation is also proud to continue its support of Active Minds and Bard College.


On the Horizon for 2013 (September 2012) 

In honor of Jamie’s creativity and vibrancy, we are pleased to announce that work has begun on a new initiative of the Foundation:  an online resource center and and virtual exhibition space to store, display and advance the creative works of those whose written, visual and musical art has not been made available to the public during people’s lifetime or which merit broader dissemination.   We are very excited about this project’s intent to keep alive the abundant creative spirit of those who have left life already, but have also given us the on-going treasures of their vision and talent.  Look for more details for how members of the public can participate and support this program in early 2013 when the first stages of this initiative will be published online!

In 2013, the James Kirk Bernard Foundation will convene a think tank of scientists to look at factors that may increase the risk for suicide which have not traditionally been a priority for scientific investigation. The Foundation has engaged a scientist to oversee this important meeting that will provide a roadmap for future scientific endeavors.

Special Message (January 2012)

Today, January 25, 2012, marks the second anniversary of Jamie’s passing. We love and miss him today with particular intensity, but we will love and miss him always. We ask that those who knew Jamie take a few moments of their day to remember him, and we hope that remembering him- his humor, his talents, his kindness- will bring some amount of joy amidst the grief. And, as you think of him, imagine how many others are thinking similar thoughts- though always unique thoughts, as Jamie’s rich personality could affect those around him in so many ways- and consider then how many lives Jamie has touched.

There never was anyone quite like Jamie, and there never will be anyone like the person he was to become.


Send Silence Packaging Tour (April 2011)

Send Silence Packing, a program of Active Minds, is an exhibit of 1,100 backpacks representing the number of college student lives lost to suicide each year. Active Minds Inc. has collected and continues to collect backpacks and personal stories in memory or in honor of loved ones impacted by suicide. By displaying backpacks with personal stories of loved ones that put a ‘face’ to lives lost to suicide, Send Silence Packing carries the message that preventing suicide is not just about lowering statistics, but also about saving the lives of students, daughters, sons, brothers, sisters and friends across the nation. Jamie has a backpack represented in this tour. Click here to view the message in his backpack.

In April 2010, Send Silence Packing on it’s first ever multi-city tour! The program departed from the Active Minds national office in Washington, DC and traveled to campuses in 10 cities across the country, as far west as Montana. The 1,100 backpacks will travel as far West as Michigan State University and will be making stops in Ohio, Pennsylvania, upstate New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Boston Massachusetts, New Jersey and Baltimore, Maryland. For a complete list of the spring 2011 tour dates and stops, visit Check out the Send Silence Packing Blog to meet the road trip staff, see pictures of the displays, and read about the impact of Send Silence Packing across the country.

A Message from the Bernard Family (January 25, 2011)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011 is the first anniversary of Jamie’s death. Last year, Jamie left us in the early hours of a Monday. It was that morning that Sallie and Tom received the terrible call, and later that afternoon we had to tell Fred the sad news. The last few days have been heavy for us. The feeling of Jamie is strong and the memories are frequent. We’ve begun the slow process of organizing Jamie’s room, where we are putting most of his possessions and work. Fred is starting to review and organize Jamie’s writing. Looking at the past brings happy memories, love and pride. The sorrow yields a little space.

We’d like to share a few pieces of Jamie’s work for you to enjoy on this special day: “Where the Book Reviews Are“, “Chameleon” and “Sin City” – use the zoom-in function on your computer to appreciate the details of this poster. Another way to commemorate Jamie would be to read some of his favorite literature. Below we’ve listed his top choices. If you don’t have a print copy, Google books serves up selected pages for free.

Much love to you all, Sallie, Tom, Fred and Bill

Envy- Olesha
Moscow to the End of the Line- Erofeev
Demons, The Brothers Karamazov, Crime and Punishment- Dostoevsky
Invitation to a Beheading- Nabokov
Dr. Zhivago- Pasternak
House of Leaves- Danielewski
Red Cavalry- Babel
Dispatches- Herr
The Things They Carried- O’Brien
The Man Who Was Thursday- Chesterton
Confederacy of Dunces- Toole
The Blind Assassin- Atwood
The Killer Angels- Shaara
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas- Thompson
Blood Meridian- McCarthy
House of Meetings- Amis
The Autobiography of Joseph Stalin- Lourie
On the Road- Kerouac
Tropic of Cancer- Miller
Angela’s Ashes- McCourt
Armies of the Night- Mailer
Clockwork Orange- Burgess
America (the book)- The Daily Show staff writers
Gonzo: The Art- Steadman
For Whom the Bell Tolls- Hemingway

Taming the Blank (September 2010)
September 4, 2010

Today, in honor of Jamie’s birthday, a collection of Jamie’s writings has been compiled into the book Taming the Blank. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book with be donated to the foundation. Order online or contact us to order by mail.