Mental Health

January 11, 2022

The Cost of a Life…and a Need for More Suicide Prevention Research

As so many of us know all too well, the costs of suicide are immeasurable, extending beyond the unfathomable loss of an individual to considerable lifelong impacts on family, friends, coworkers, communities, and society. As this recent report on the Economic Cost of Injury from the CDC highlights, losses associated with suicide are also economic, costly, […]

June 22, 2021

Insights from ‘The Interplay Between the Environment and Mental Health’ –  Part III

This article shares some of the complexity and potential opportunities in considering environmental impacts on mental health, and is the final in a series covering the National Academies of Science’s workshop, “The Interplay Between the Environment and Mental Health.” Workshop presenters emphasized the array of environmental influences on mental health, including ecosystems, lifestyle factors, social […]

September 09, 2020

A Case Study in the Importance of Integrative Care to Mental and Physical Health and Wellbeing

By Susan Parmelee, LCSW As social workers we have a guiding tenet: “Start where the client is.”  In practical terms, this means that if my client is not housed, does not have access to food, or is physically ailing, there is no chance of working on higher level needs through mental health therapy. Addressing the […]

August 31, 2020

A Co-Response Model That Works: An Interview with Michelle Muething, Executive Director of the Hope Center, on Clinicians and Law Enforcement Responding to Mental Health Crises – Part II

By Fred Bernard, MA In Co-Response, Part I Michelle Muething of the Hope Center discussed the center’s approach to providing crisis services alongside a local police response. In Part II, JKBF talks with Michelle about the opportunities of this approach for other communities, and why she believes pairing, not replacing, is important. JKBF: Are there any high-profile […]

August 25, 2020

Mental Health and Physical Health – We Need to Advocate for Integrative Care Models

By Susan Parmelee, LCSW As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializing in mental health services for youth ages 12-25 years old, I spend a lot of time talking to youth and colleagues about mental health and how we can prevent suicide. Suicide remains one of the most difficult challenges in our work due to the […]

August 24, 2020

A Co-Response Model That Works: An Interview with Michelle Muething, Executive Director of the Hope Center, on Clinicians and Law Enforcement Responding to Mental Health Crises

By Fred Bernard, MA One of the many issues raised in the outcry following the killing of George Floyd has been that the social response to mental health crises, including suicidal ideation and behavior, is often to default to calling the police. In a popular segment on the Floyd protests from Last Week Tonight with […]

July 14, 2020

Art Heals: Biology behind Art Therapy

At a time of extra stress and isolation for all of us due to the pandemic, we are pleased to present inspiration anyone can apply at home in our first From the Clinician contribution from Art Therapist, Jeanette Bullock. Jeanette outlines how art therapy works in practice, and in the brain, and in this piece connects […]

January 30, 2020

Suicide Numbers continue to increase

Today the CDC released their Mortality Statistics for 2018 and once again, the news is sobering. Even though the US death rate decreased by 1.1% and life expectancy showed a marginal improvement, the suicide death rate is up 1.4% to 14.2 deaths per 100,000. Death rates decreased in six categories, and suicide was one of only […]

December 02, 2019

JKBF’s Grant to Bard College supports Mental Health Initiatives

Bard College recently shared an update on their implementation of JKBF’s 2018 grant, which is funded in honor of Jamie by donations made by the Bernard family. One of Jamie’s favorite places at Bard was the library, and upgrades to library services this year provided new opportunities for students to step back from their work […]