March 03, 2020

Check out News from the Web!

JKBF has launched a new resource, News from the Web, and we encourage you to take a look!

News from the Web features a collection of links to news articles from mainstream press, university newsrooms, and online magazines that highlight issues of interest to mental health and suicide. These articles feature research findings and insights that reveal physiological, lifestyle, and environmental factors that influence mental wellness. While you may not be surprised by some of these topics, chances are you might find articles that highlight related conditions or factors that had not ever crossed your mind as being related to mental health or suicide risk.

The #MindBodyConnections presented in these articles share insights from scientific studies that highlight factors ranging from sleep, inflammation, medications, nutrition, thyroid disease, and chronic illness, to Vitamin D status, and more. Search by category or topic keyword. Check back regularly, as we will continue to add topic areas and new research findings to this resource.

And as always, we appreciate hearing from you. Let us know if you learned something here that you found helpful, and share with us other resources and insights that have been helpful to you.