The James Kirk Bernard Foundation focuses on program areas that represent how Jamie lived, as well as how he died. Learn more about the research, programs, grants, and services funded in each program area.

Suicide Science

In an effort to prevent suicidal behaviors, suffering and loss, the foundation fosters scientific exploration, connections, and research into the biological, environmental, and lifestyle contributors to suicide risk. These contributors represent potentially modifiable factors and candidates for interventions.

Support & Services

JKBF supports organizations providing services, education, and advocacy for those at risk of mental health and suicidal challenges, with a concentration on young adults and students. In addition, Jamie’s memory is honored with support for student programs focused on mental health and the arts at his alma mater, Bard College.

Creative Expression

Honoring the creative passions of Jamie Bernard, the preservation and presentation of artistic legacies are shared on POBA | Where the Arts Live.