From the Lived Experience

Our brave and insightful contributors offer their stories, providing insights and perspective from those who have experienced first hand some of the mind-body connections relevant to suicidal thoughts and behaviors and/or mental illness. We invite contributions from those who are experiencing these issues today, those who have overcome them in the past, and those survivors of suicide loss who have observed these concerns in their loved ones.

December 06, 2020

My Meds Story

Medication can be extremely helpful in managing symptoms of both physical and mental illnesses, but care needs to be taken  in prescribing and following patients. Doctor and patient awareness and advocacy are essential to managing and addressing side effects and unexpected outcomes, as outlined in our post here. In her story of a journey with […]

December 06, 2020

Sleepless in Pennsylvania

The ebbs and flows of days, seasons, and life cycles all play into the functioning of our bodies and our minds. This From the Lived Experience story from Elise shares her journey with bipolar disorder, and reminds that issues of sleep and hormones can factor into our mental health. Seeking help and understanding all of […]