Creative Expression

To highlight and share the work of contemporary artists whose work was not commercially recognized in their lifetimes, JKBF developed POBA, Where the Arts Live, a groundbreaking online arts hub. POBA was founded to showcase, promote, and preserve artistic legacies through compelling displays and interesting human stories about contemporary art makers of all genres. Through online resources and services, POBA assists individuals and institutions that own or manage a creative legacy to preserve, protect, document, digitize, complete and, in many other ways, ensure these collections and works live on. POBA also assists working artists in managing their own works for future preservation, viewing, and value. In highlighting and celebrating art and the healing power of creativity, POBA serves as a mechanism for the connecting and contributing that are elemental to the human condition.

Jamie’s POBA page

Several of the foundation’s grants to Bard College have helped to foster the development of learning and creative expression for students at Jamie’s alma mater. Since Jamie’s favorite place at Bard was the library, funding for enhancements to the library café and seminar rooms were funded to promote collaboration, creativity and connections among students. The purchase of 530 electronic volumes of Greek, Latin and English texts from the Digital Loeb Classical Library at Harvard. Smolney College Liberal Arts college in Russia exchange… and expanded library resources through text acquisitions and space enhancements to promote student collaboration, creation, and connection.