April 05, 2022

JKBF Awardee Publishes in SLEEP

In October, JKBF granted its second research award to Nikolaj Kjær Høier, a young scientist investigating biological factors important to suicide risk presenting at the 2021 International Summit on Suicide Research. We are pleased to share that his work has recently been published in SLEEP, the journal of the Sleep Research Society (SRS).

Mr. Høier‘s paper, Association between hospital-diagnosed sleep disorders and suicide: A nationwide cohort study was developed in conjunction with a well-published team from the Danish Research Institute for Suicide Prevention comprised of Trine Madsen, Adam P Spira, Keith Hawton, Michael Eriksen Benros, Merete Nordentoft, and Annette Erlangsen. The team evaluated hospital-diagnosed sleep disorders (including narcolepsy and sleep apnea) and suicides through the Danish national database from 1980-2016.

As the paper concludes, ‘Sleep disorders were associated with higher suicide rates even after adjusting for pre-existing mental disorders. Our findings suggest attention towards suicidality in patients with sleep disorders is warranted.’

Read our previous article and Mr. Høier’s From the Scientist summary of the team’s findings.