November 27, 2019

JKBF Welcomes Board Member Brett Robinson, DVM


Brett Robinson, an equine veterinarian practicing in the San Diego area, has recently joined the JKBF Board of Directors.

Brett received her BA in psychology from Georgetown University and her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Cornell University. She lived in the Denver area after graduating Vet School, and for the past 2 years has enjoyed living closer to family in sunny Southern California.

Brett’s friendship with Jamie was formed while they worked together as camp counselors at Extreme Sports Camp (now Ascendigo), a summer camp for kids with autism which aims to build confidence and connections through shared outdoor adventures. The CDC reports an elevated suicide rate among veterinarians, and Brett has experienced the loss of veterinary friends and colleagues.

Her desire to honor Jamie’s legacy, combined with this connection to suicide, underly her commitment to the goals of JKBF.