September 04, 2021

On Jamie’s Birthday

On what would have been his 34th birthday, we share this excerpt from Jamie’s writing, and our wishes for you to have the benefit of good advice and soothing balm to aid you over the bumps and through the challenges of life’s journeys.

“This childhood cannot fit in my pocket or be wedged into my backpack, but instead flows under my desk and into the corners and then back around to the tops of my shoulders like a wind current, only to alight on my head like the halo of a medieval saint. It is a childhood playground where imagination was not so intimately intertwined with success and failure. I will be stuck and exhausted, and up from the table legs will come this beautiful untainted laughter, shouting, a compelling innocence that is both good advice and a soothing balm. It is enough for me to simply look over my shoulders and see a pair of eyes looking back at me in purity.”

Jamie Bernard, from Taming the Blank