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November 24, 2021 Gut Microbiome May Hold Clues to Psychiatric Disorders

Psychiatry Advisor

November 18, 2021 Why Are More Black Kids Suicidal? A Search for Answers.

New York Times

November 09, 2021 Anxiety effectively treated with exercise

University of Gothenburg

November 04, 2021 Lyme Disease May Be Linked to Mental Disorders

Psychiatry Advisor

November 04, 2021 Racial discrimination is linked to suicidal thoughts in Black adults and children

The Conversation

November 03, 2021 Suicide rates fall again — but not for young adults and some people of color


November 02, 2021 ‘Suicidal Thoughts Just Disappeared’; Groundbreaking UCSF Study Treats Depression With On-Demand Stimulation


October 22, 2021 More disease, more suicide: Study shows human cost of climate change

ABC News

October 22, 2021 The Missing Piece to the Puzzle of Black Youth Suicide

Psychiatric Times

October 20, 2021 Pediatricians say the mental health crisis among kids has become a national emergency


October 18, 2021 Exploring the Link Between Gut and Brain Health


October 15, 2021 Differences in State Traumatic Brain Injury–Related Deaths, by Principal Mechanism of Injury, Intent, and Percentage of Population Living in Rural Areas — United States, 2016–2018


October 15, 2021 Children’s Diet Tied to Mental Well-Being

Psychiatry Advisor

October 14, 2021 Exercise May Improve Child Mental Health During Pandemic

Psychiatry Advisor

October 12, 2021 Protecting New Moms From Mental Health Crises


October 11, 2021 Iohan Gueorguiev, ‘Bike Wanderer’ of the Wilderness, Dies at 33

New York Times

October 01, 2021 Exploring the Link Between Gut and Brain Health


September 22, 2021 New screen assesses suicidality in autistic adults

Spectrum News

September 14, 2021 Fluoxetine Does Not Decrease Symptoms of Clinical Depression in Patients After a Stroke

Psychiatry Advisor

August 27, 2021 AAP Releases Policy Statement for Provision of Trauma-Informed Care in Pediatric Health Care Systems

Psychiatry Advisor

August 27, 2021 Air pollution linked to more severe mental illness – study

The Guardian  

August 18, 2021 Sleep and Suicide Prevention Workshop: Advancing Innovation and Intervention Opportunity

Day One YouTube Day Two YouTube

August 16, 2021 ‘Stuck in a cul-de-sac’: Researchers are finally breaking away from the central dogma of depression


August 01, 2021 10 Surprising Facts About the Benefits of Sleep

Psychology Today

July 24, 2021 To Prevent Chronic Illness, Start With Mental Health


July 11, 2021 Unlocking the ‘gut microbiome’ – and its massive significance to our health

The Observer

July 08, 2021 Hearing Loss Linked to Suicidal Thoughts in Aging Adults

MedPage Today

July 05, 2021 Why a focus on mental health is essential for students returning to school in the fall, experts say

ABC News

June 30, 2021 Understanding the Trauma Brain

Psychology Today

June 23, 2021 His wife died by suicide after a 13-month battle with long-haul Covid. He hopes help is on the way for others