October 22, 2012

On the Horizon for 2013

In honor of Jamie’s creativity and vibrancy, we are pleased to announce that work has begun on a new initiative of the Foundation:  an online resource center and and virtual exhibition space to store, display and advance the creative works of those whose written, visual and musical art has not been made available to the public during people’s lifetime or which merit broader dissemination.   We are very excited about this project’s intent to keep alive the abundant creative spirit of those who have left life already, but have also given us the on-going treasures of their vision and talent.  Look for more details for how members of the public can participate and support this program in early 2013 when the first stages of this initiative will be published online!

In 2013, the James Kirk Bernard Foundation will convene a think tank of scientists to look at factors that may increase the risk for suicide which have not traditionally been a priority for scientific investigation. The Foundation has engaged a scientist to oversee this important meeting that will provide a roadmap for future scientific endeavors.