December 16, 2020

JKBF Board Expands with a Seasoned, Purpose-Driven Executive

JKBF is pleased to announce the addition of Brad Stevenson, CEO of Aligned Insight, Inc., a Colorado Public Benefit Corporation, to our board of directors. Aligned Insight offers purpose-driven advisory and business development consulting.

In addition to his hands on experience as an organizational leader, Brad has supported clients from Fortune 20 multi-nationals to local non-profits and startups. Brad was also Executive Producer of a documentary film focused on purpose, passion and perseverance in the context of limited time to live, then co-launched Spark Purpose, a non-profit delivering programs that blend storytelling with curricula in support of individuals and teams to accelerate purpose-driven work and solutions. He prioritizes building, leading and advising organizations that have unique value propositions and promise for enhancing life in meaningful ways.

We look forward to partnering with Brad on our mission to enhance our understanding of biological contributors to mental health and suicide. Brad notes,”I’m passionate about the need to transform the way we see and address mental health challenges and excited to work with JKBF –  bringing awareness and aligned action, from science-based shifts of perspective, we will improve life and save lives.”