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June 01, 2021 Seasonal Affective Disorder Isn’t Just for Winter

New York Times

February 12, 2021 Excessive Youth Social Media Use Tied to Poor Sleep and Mental Health

Psychiatry Today

February 02, 2021 Undiagnosed Depression and Anxiety in Children and Youth With Epilepsy May Contribute To Suicide

Psychiatry Advisor

January 14, 2021 One in Four Women With ADHD Attempts Suicide

Psychiatry Today

November 24, 2020 Is Your Brain Leaking?

Psychology Today

November 10, 2020 Oxford study links COVID-19 with increased rates of mental illness

New Atlas

October 13, 2020 Childhood Insomnia Frequently Persists Into Adolescence, Study Says

Psychiatry Advisor

October 04, 2020 Gut Bacteria’s Role in Anxiety and Depression: It’s Not Just In Your Head


September 23, 2020 Acne and Mental Health

Psychiatry Today

September 01, 2020 Robin Williams’ widow says he was ‘chased by an invisible monster’ in his final months